Training at the Outpost

Training is available for individuals or groups. Individuals receive a Certificate of Completion and a Sign-In Sheet records group attendees. Your employees can be uploaded so they receive personal logins.

  • Training for a single individual is easily accomplished using the 1-day training. When the individual has completed the course, a Certificate of Completion will appear.

  • When training as a group, we recommend the Bundle ... more detailed instructions about how to do this are included in that package. You can use it as a group with both non-supervisory and supervisory in the room. Anyone who misses the group training can then access either program for their training. A sign-in sheet is in the footer below.

  • The one week/month of unlimited use is great when you have a number of employees who need training individually or as a group. The week/month begins when you purchase this option. And, yes, you can train as many people as possible within the purchased time period!

  • We can upload your employees so they each receive a login and access to the programs purchased. Just complete the Group Upload Template (in the footer below) and email it to before you purchase a program so employees can access the training soon thereafter.